Yaibos Health Centre Gets Tanks

Date: Thursday 29th October, 2020

Staff at the Yaibos Lutheran Health Centre in Wapenamanda, Enga Province, will now treat patients efficiently as they now have three new water tanks and a refurbished ablution block delivered to them by Bank South Pacific (BSP).

Chairman of Yaibos Lutheran Health Centre Simon Kipongi during the handover ceremony said, "Having efficient water supply into any medical facility in our community is crucial for the delivery of safe, competent and professional healthcare."

"Yaibos Lutheran Health Centre previously had to turn away patients at times due to their inability to store clean drinking water. The hospital now has two 9000 Litres water tanks and a 2000L water tank allowing them to provide health services to patients all year without disruption, thank you BSP!" Kipongi said.

"Accessing water on a 24-hour basis would ensure a cleaner and healthier environment. The water tanks come at a much-needed time for this community as we continue to adhere to the Covid 19 measures in place," he added.

The project was part of the banks community project initiative for this year 2020, which saw a number of branch staff volunteer their time during weekdays to help the local contractor in delivering two new 9,000 Litres and a 2000L water tank with pipes connected to each. In addition to the tanks, the health Centre saw refurbished ablution block with two new hand basins and shower area for patients.

BSP Wabag Branch Manager, Thomas Tembil said, "The bank is proud to deliver the project that willenable the facility to serve more patients in the community."

"We know that through this community service, we will leave positive changes in this community. We're pleased that we can give back to this area of service in community which will benefit us all," Tembil added.

In 2019, BSP delivered 48 projects in PNG each to the value of K25, 000 and the other offshore branches handed over 18 projects. Since 2009, BSP has completed over 400 projects totaling up to more than K10m.

Project themes for 2020 are Equipping hospitals and Education - Digital Inclusion and refurbishment of specialised classrooms.  Forty-six community projects earmarked for delivery at a total value of K1.5million. Each project is worth K30, 000 with three successfully handed over which Yaibos is one.


The new look of the ablution block